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Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 1.01.26 PM134 West has so many fun and exciting projects in various stages of development. It has been incredibly productive year!  We wish you hope and joy during the Holiday Gauntlet of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Go forth, make stuff. Be creative and joyful.


BEND IN THE ROAD: The Anne of Green Gables Musical – Thanks to director Michelle Long and Artistic Director Adam Burke for a wonderful workshop and reading at Children’s Theatre of Charlotte. We are now working toward a full production for 2019!

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TY THE PIE GUY – We are developing a feature and a new season of our award-winning kid show. Watch us for free on Amazon Video or YouTube! And we’ve passed over 2.2 MILLION MINUTES STREAMED of the Pie Guy videos! Stay tuned for more info.

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CONFIDENCE (and The Speech) – 134 West produced the first reading of Susan Lambert Hatem’s exciting new political play, CONFIDENCE (and The Speech) at Boston Court in May. And the second was a benefit reading November 8, which raised over $500 for Emily’s List and She Should Run. We are working with Charlotte’s Off-Broadway to produce a workshop and reading in 2018 in North Carolina.

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O BABY MINE: Sing a Song of Shakespeare! – SAVE THE DATE in 2018 for our special O BABY MINE concert at world famous Joe’s Pub! With NYC Children’s Theatre, 134 West presents this unique concert for children and families of special songs inspired by Shakespeare’s plays! Get your copy now! NYC Children’s Theatre concert at Joe’s Pub – Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 1pm – Sign up now!

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STRATEGY & CONSULTING: 134 West also specializes in marketing and entertainment. We consult with studios, agencies, schools and theatres. We are available for strategy and consulting and dramaturgy for special theatre and film projects. If you have a project and you’re looking for marketing, strategy and producing assistance, maybe we can help. Past clients include Charlotte’s Off-Broadway, AvatarLabs, Dreamworks Animation, Google and Disney.
Contact: susan @ 134west.biz


2016 – A Year of Joyful Creation & Celebration

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We’ve had a wonderful year here at 134 West — a year of making new friendships, developing new projects and zooming past milestones. We got to create lots of new art, and experience another beautiful return to Green Gables. There is so many projects to talk about, but we will only mention two: Ty the Pie Guy and Bend in the Road: The Anne of Green Gables Musical.

Ty the Pie Guy traveled to Canada to win BEST IN FAMILY at the Vancouver Web Fest!

We also launched Ty the Pie Guy on Amazon Video in July, and we are thrilled to have streamed screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-4-33-19-pmover 300,000 minutes to 100,00 unique viewers! Across all platforms, Ty the Pie Guy has now served over 600,000 minutes of our little comedy cooking show for kids and families — isn’t that just amazing? Who knows what 2017 will bring for Ty and his ‘lil sister Rose and all their friends. Thank you to all our cast and crew and most of all, to our fans!



Interested in more Ty the Pie Guy news? Follow on Twitter @TyPieGuy, Facebook and Instagram. And visit TythePieGuy.com!

Be sure to watch the entire first season FREE on Amazon Video! Please rate and review us. Five stars & more views help us rise up!




This November, Bend in the Road returned for two stage readings at 3D Theatricals and the Zephyr Theatre, starring the ever-lovely and talented Alison Woods as Anne Shirley!

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The stage readings were just the beginning: stay tuned for more Bend in the Road news coming in 2017 by following our TWITTER or visiting our WEBSITE!

134 West is more dedicated than ever to bring quality independent and diverse stories and voices to stage and screens. We are thankful to have brought positive, inspiring and joyful messages to the world this year through our art. Our projects and our creative teams are diverse, inclusive and vocal. It is more important than ever that we as a company, and as a collective of artists, speak up for what we know is good and right in the world. In 2017, it is our mission to create and promote art that inspires, informs and brings us together. We are most thankful to all our friends, fans and followers who lift us up through their amazing joy, creativity, constant support and love!

TY THE PIE GUY Wraps Season One!

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Boom! We did it. The First Season of Ty the Pie Guy is officially wrapped!

Ty Gets Pied!

We’re pretty excited: 20 episodes, over 100 minutes of content, 530 subscribers, 130,000+ views! And we’re still going places…

We got to go to the Festival! And dance before the Prince!

Well, okay, maybe there weren’t any princes, but Ty Freedman (Ty the Pie Guy) and Associate Producer Sarah Winshall walked the red carpet at the inaugural San Francisco Web Festival! Three Pie Guy episodes screened in 120-seat theatre including Breakfast Pizza! and The Inseparable Egg! What a treat to see them on the big screen!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 4.57.56 PMTy the Pie Guy was one of only 4 family shows honored at the festival and we met some amazing fellow creators, filmmakers and distributors through the festival.

Meanwhile, we’ve already started planning for Season 2! So spread the word, cross your fingers and make sure you’re subscribed to Ty the Pie Guy for some fun, bonus videos this summer! Check out our website for additional great easy recipes and lots of pie!

We had so much fun this season working with the awesome talented and adorable kids featured on the show. All our kids – some actors, some not – are pretty special! Here are a few to keep your eye on this year:


Charlize diaz de Leon – who plays Ty’s little sister Rose – is whip smart, super funny and a charming soul. She loves pop culture, and is particularly obsessed with Once Upon A Time, which we liked to tease her about relentlessly on set. She has been with us the entire season and we can’t wait to see where Rose will pop in from come Season 2. She got a guest stint on the New Girl season finale which made us all cheer out loud! Dash Williams, (Kids React) who starred in our pilot episode Breakfast Pizza!, also starred in multiple episodes of Fresh Off The Boat this season! And be sure to check out Liv Horinouchi in Popcorn! and Bleau Essen in Vegans. These are just a few of the super cool kids who have made Ty the Pie Guy so much fun! Kids Rock!

For the big Pie Contest season finale, we brought back these kids and many more from the entire season. It was so much fun! I love creating healthy entertainment with Ty the Pie Guy, literally and figuratively.

Look for Ty the Pie Guy at VidCon this year. And follow Ty the Pie Guy on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news!

Have a great summer and keep creating!